5.2 Million Marriott Hotel International Guest Data Stolen

5.2 Million Marriott Hotel International Guest Data Stolen

International hotel chain Marriott got another hit by getting their guest hotels data stolen. The impact of this breach is not only making the hotel guest vulnerable, but also decreasing the Marriott brand image. This kind of breach could be avoided if only the company did not neglect the importance of continuous security monitoring. This kind of monitoring should not hassle the company by maintaining a team of security monitoring expert since the service is available on the market.

Data is the most valuable asset for a company in this internet era. This importance will multiply if the company’s business is a public service. The customer data not only becomes asset to the company but also raised security concern to the customer. The issue raised since the data collected by the company usually personal data that supposedly only known by the user or family member. If the data leaked to a villain, the physical and financial life of the customer will be at stake.

At 31March 2020, Marriott Hotel International announced that their customer data has been breached. Around 5.2 million Marriott Hotel guest data was stolen. Marriott provide a portal and asked their guest and members to check whether their data is compromised or not.

This kind of breached has been happened a lot lately all around the globe. Is it an indication that a big brand like Marriott does not have a strategy to protect their customers’ data? Of course they have, but for sure what they did was not enough since this is their second incident.

Many people think that investing in expensive IT security devices and tools is sufficient enough to guard their valuable data. They forgot that in any kind of business there are always three aspect involved, People, Tools, and Process. Those three aspects should also be our concerned in IT Security and the synergy between them is the key to build a robust and secure data protection. The most common mistake taken by company is neglecting the importance of continuous security monitoring. This activity demand high attention and commonly neglected because this is not their core business activity.

Company can spend on expensive IT security devices and tools but they forget to spend budget on maintenance and monitoring of those devices. Actually, the devices gave them warning whenever malicious activities occurred. The breach happened because no one paying attention on those warnings. EDGE was built to assist companies in that area. We provide continuous IT security monitoring and we will monitor our customer network 24 hours a day. This service will not affect whatever they have invested in IT security area. This security monitoring service will gather messages and warnings from those devices and tools and analyze them. Whenever malicious activity detected, EDGE team will coordinate with respective IT person in the company to mitigate and cut the activity before the incident become a big problem. This way, data breach can be prevented as much as possible and company reputation will be saved.