Endpoint Security Solutions

Endpoint Security Solutions

For many years, companies concentrate on securing their datacenter and perimeter. Suddenly the concentration shifts abruptly by a pandemic. Suddenly all of the employee must work from home. All the technology invested to protect the office suddenly cannot protect the attack from employee’s legit connection to the servers. Now all that matters are protecting the remote users from any attack. It has to be done to make the employees always up and running doing their job from home. Many things can be done to protect remote users and make them securely doing their job.

1. Endpoint Security Controls. There are two goals wanted to be achieved using this tool: providing network access to office servers and prevent them from getting malware. The situation getting tricky when the employee uses their own device to work from home and shared the device with other family member. This solution not only provide the user with antivirus but also give them the security level as much as they can get when they are working from the office. This solution also equipped the user with micro personal firewall that can adapt with ongoing worldwide threat and protect them immediately.

2. Mobile Device Management (MDM). For many years, executives debating on implementing this technology for their environment. Now it is a must and becoming one of the solutions. MDM can provide a secure environment for office-related application, separated from personal application environment.

3. Multi Factor Authentication. The simplest solution for securing company asset from being accessed by unauthorized person. This solution can protect company asset from data breach and can said as the simplest solution to be implemented.

Those three things are some of many endpoint security solutions exist in the market. The brand for those solutions are so many with all their advantage and weakness. There is no such thing as medicine of all diseases. Every solution will be suited with the company environment and requirement. Some company has no will to spend so much time in cybersecurity although they need it. EDGE can assist your company to take your burden in cybersecurity area. Do not hesitate to contact us for your every need in securing your most valuable assets.